Florida Family Raises 14 Bears Because How Could That Possibly Go Wrong

With lovable and adorable bears such as Yogi, Smokey, Pooh, and even Bear in the Big Blue House, it’s easy to forget just how dangerous carries can be in real life.

Bears are some of nature’s greatest predators, always on the hunt for their next banquet. But despite the threats, one family in Myakka City, Florida, has spent more than 90 times get up close and personal with the ginormous beings. For Monica Welde and her son Johnny, caring for endures( 14 of them to be precise) is just a way of life!

For the last 91 times, the Welde family has been licensed to take care of births of every colouring, shape, and sizing. They’ve even renamed their home Bearadise Ranch.

Screenshot/ Daily Mail

Monica and Johnny expend their days rolling around and playing with beasts more than 5 times their size.

Even after Monica’s husband, the patriarch of the carry habitat, died from a heart attack, Johnny made an effort to help support his mother and keep their livelihood intact.