Man Gropes Topless Woman At Festival But Instantly Regrets It When She Fights Back

For a large majority of people who attend celebrations, the style is more important than the music.

Festivals are an excuse to dress unapologetically which seduce in millions of people, who use them as a chance to flaunt their taut thighs and toned stomaches in super short shorts and harvest tops- no matter the climate. It is this need to dress up that realizes the crowds morph into a ocean of glitter, plumages and wellington boots mixed with the occasional psychedelic shirt and waxed jacket. However, lately festival manner has taken an extreme become. This past year has realized the rise of’ glitter boobs’ which understands females topless ladies embracing their propriety with colorful glitter and stick-on gems. Understandably the quirky look has received a lot of attention , not all of which has been positive. One person who has first-hand knowledge of this attention is 20 -year-old Madeline Anello-Kitzmiller, who found herself the victim of a grope incident whilst attending the Rhythm& Vines Festival in New Zealand. The American-born blonde sported the’ glisten boob’ look at the celebration prompting an unidentified boy to sneak up behind her and fondle her breast- an accident which was caught on camera. Outraged by the anonymous man’s behavior, Madeline and her friend Kiri-Ann Hatfield- who was also sporting the eccentric looking- turned back to launch a counter-attack. Stormy faced, they walk back towards the man, who by now has taken refuge with his friends, and begin to punch him. Video footage of the attack was shared online where it instantaneously ran viral. But viewers were securely divided when it came to choosing who was at fault for the accident. Some suggested that Madeline had “asked” to receive male attention by wearing the provocative way fad. “Well that’s what she gets when she wears something like that, ” wrote one Facebook user.

Meanwhile, others argued in her defense stating that she didn’t deserve to be targeted for simply wearing what she wished to. “Don’t get how this is any different to groping a girl in a bikini at the beach- still incorrect, ” wrote one supporter. Another resound this feeling by typing, “Good on her! No one has the right to touch you without permission! Naked or not! Read some manners.” Madeline herself is unapologetic for her actions. “[ I] hope that I’ve inspired girls to seem comfortable in their bodies , no matter how they seem, and to stick up for themselves when anybody says otherwise or tries to deny you the right to protect your own body, ” she told Daily Mail Australia . “He grabbed my breast. I hit him. There was a lot of built up anger “re coming out” harassment throughout the day, ” she explained. “A human’s body is their own, and nobody has a right to touch you without your permission, irrespective of what they’re dres or the deficiency thereof.” “A couple[ of] months ago, I was groped in the same style while I was amply clothed so the argument is a moot point anyway, ” she continued. Meanwhile, her boyfriend Max Ashworth came to her defense, writing on Facebook, “’What the f *** happened to treating people with love and respect? I’m so disappointed that people are still so ignorant here.” Despite the accident and the attention that her look was producing, Madeline did not choose to cover-up for the rest of the celebration. Instead, she “literally danced till sunup and had the best nighttime ever despite everything.” The incident occurred at the popular Rhythm& Vine Festival. It is a three-day event in New Zealand which celebrates the New Year. This year, there were roughly 20,000 people in attendance- including the country’s Prime Minister, Jacinda Adrern. Those who thought that the’ glitter boob’ tendency would never catch on will be surprised to see that it is still alive and well in 2018, meaning that it will likely be popular on the festival circuit the summer months. But will you be wearing it?

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