Ubers new CEO could probably win at 10 dimensional chess

The courtroom has been cleared, the lights are off in the spillover chamber on the 19 th flooring and the initial takes are in on the Uber vs. Waymo trial.

Uber will give Alphabet, the mother company of both Waymo and the search giant Google, some $244 million merit of stock, and agree to ensure that no Waymo intellectual property will make its behavior into Uber autonomous vehicles.

While Uber has decided, this is hardly a Waymo victory. Indeed, the only person who comes out of this looking like a win is Uber’s new chief executive, Dara Khosrowshahi.

For some reporters, Khosrowshahi’s decision to settle was a foregone conclusion, but that was before the trial began and the strategies( such as they were) of the opposing sides became clear.

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